For the ones that want to resume their physical activity without the fear of a pain outbreak, we employ the Winback energy to enable you to keep your pain to a minimum level during and after a workout-including Pilates motion and muscular chain stretching exercises.

These sessions are especially essential and helpful for the people that are suffering from fibromyalgia. We can provide you with physical exercises, regardless of your age, fitness training level or posturing while giving you back your confidence.

Several benefits can be presented tailored for each patient case. The MotionFit option can be used for muscle fatigue, regulate inflammation and pain while improving motions, enhance muscle elasticity or be used for passive and active stretching.

Whatever your wishes and special cases are, we can provide to you sessions that can bring back your physical activity and make you feel regenerated.


  • Exercises to resume physical activity
  • Pilates motions
  • Muscle chain stretching exercises
  • Exercises to ease fibromyalgia pain